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We optimize the recruiting process for you, helping your hiring team to do less work. We are engineers who do at least one technical interview for you, thereby reducing your recruiting by at least 1 step. We thereby deliver tested and tried candidates to you, who have been thoroughly vetted.


Jul 2, 2021 · 2 min read

Our optimizing interview usually lasts between 40 to 60 minutes and is composed of a group of technical vetting questions, having mainly two parts: hard skills and soft skills. We compose the interview questions together with you.

The interview is always done per video. Video communication is an important aspect of our recruiting process. In the type of remote recruiting strategy we implement, a video interview allows us to be able to have a better feeling of the candidate and know if this is the type of person we would like to work with in a team. Only if we feel we would like to work with the candidate in the same team do we propose them to our clients as great potential candidates.

Hard Skills: This part is mainly made up of a technical part where we test the candidate’s hard skills. Some companies prefer these technical questions to be in the form of a quiz. We present these questions via a Google Document and let the candidate answer them live (with screen sharing) during the interview. Other companies prefer these technical questions to be presented to the candidate in the form of a conversation. In this case, we take notes during the technical conversation with the candidate and present them to our client/company in the form of a transcript.

Soft Skills: In another important part of the 40 to 60 minutes interview, we test the candidate’s soft skills. We ask questions that mainly test the following 5 soft skills: empathy, communication, adaptability, out of the box thinking and cultural competence. We give these traits grades: bad, average, good or great. Empathy assessment is a subjective judgement we make in the one-to-one video interview. We judge the communication trait by analyzing text messages from the candidate before the interview and also by examining speech, expression, listening, etc during the interview. We ask questions around adaptability, out of the box thinking and cultural competence to assess these traits.

The objective of such a peculiar and strict interview process is to save your time and ours. The process has proven to be very effective for us, greatly reducing the number of candidates we present to you (our client and partnering company). We would optimally like to present you with no more than 10 candidates. One of them is usually the perfect fit for the position.

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